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Ken Karl Sports Art

Jalen Hurts Limited Edition Card Art

Jalen Hurts Limited Edition Card Art

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A Limited Edition Card Art offering!

Each card is a reproduction of hand DRAWN artwork hand crafted on trading card sized cardstock. Making each card a rare collectible itself. This card features Philadelphia Eagles QB, Jalen Hurts.

Each card is hand numbered on both front and back. They have been custom built by hand.

All cards are come in a one-touch magnetic collecting case, complete with a KK ART sticker.

BASE CARDS are all hand crafted card stock, front and back. Each card has been built by hand. Making them their own unique collectible. Base cards are limited to ONLY 25 total. (Please note, since each card has been built by hand slight imperfections may exist.)

(Art is in no way affiliated with, licensed, or endorsed by any person(s) or content that it represents. This is solely an artistic expression of Ken Karl.)


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